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Why Mepigu was created

After almost 2 years of struggle with HW/SW development, we were looking for a simple and straight forward project management system. We have tried a lot of them, but they were either complicated, with too many features or without a smartphone app…Then we have decided to develop our own… That’s how Mepigu was created. As an introduction to upcoming IoTaaP (IoT development platform) release, we are releasing Mepigu – Simple, process-oriented task management for IoT & Embedded system professionals. Mepigu is designed to help manage software and hardware businesses effectively. Now we are able to track our expenses on hardware parts, stay always up to date with a mobile application and daily reporting. Mepigu isn’t only an application, Mepigu is our friend and supporter in our struggles!

Let’s be friends, join Mepigu community: https://www.mepigu.com/register/

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